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HeathcoteTech has moved! Scarsdale students are now building blogs on the CampusPress platform. CampusPress is a managed service that uses...

Google Resources

Welcome to the HeathcoteTech Google Apps for Education Resource Page 

Here you will find resources for all core Google services tied to your @scarsdaleschools.org Google Apps account.

One of the key things to keep in mind is that your Scarsdale account is your Scarsdale account. It is supported by GMail but it is not a standard GMail account. If you use GMail for personal use this will in no way conflict, they are two separate and distinct accounts, they just use the same company's software to run.


all links to Google support pages
(hat tip to John Calvert at QR for sourcing the link code)

HeathcoteTech GMail tutorial videos:

Adding Scarsdale GMail to iOS Mail app

Adding Scarsdale GMail to GMail app

...more to come...